Help choosing a Conrad Johnson preamp

Hey all,

I am looking to finish off my system with a Conrad Johnson pre. I have narrowed it down to either the Premier 3, Premier 10 (line only), or Evolution 20 (exact match for my Evolution 2000, except extremely hard to find one for sale). Does anyone have any advice for me? My system is below:

Amplifiers: Conrad Johnson EV-2000, Conrad Johnson MV75A1, B&K ST-202
DAC: Musical Fidelity X-DAC V8 receiving USB signal
Power: Balanced Power Technologies Upgraded CPC
Speakers: Energy Veritas 2.4 floorstanding loudspeakers

Lastly, am I good keeping the X-DAC, or would it be worth it to find a CJ DA-2B tube DAC and connect via toslink for an all CJ setup?
Can't comment on the main point, but I had a DA-2B (and the matching transport) and do NOT recommend it.
If you need line only, of the group you mentioned, the Premier 10 is the best of the three.
Do not forget about the CJ CT6. I have owned this model for 2 years and I think it is the best buy of the line.
If your looking for used the PV11 was a great preamp, a little on the warm side but incredibly good for its price point.

Hi Bobheinatz, does your "best of the line" statement include a comparison with the Premier 16LS2? I currently have the Premier 17LS and have been considering a move up to either of the two.

Hi Solst1ce, I haven't heard any of your preferred cj's, but if it means anything to you, of those three, cj is offering their proprietary capacitor upgrade to the Evolution 20 only.

I did not say best of the line but I feel best buy or best value. The 16LS2 is to my ears is a better preamp but at used prices I feel the CT6 is a better value. The CT 6 never got alot of press but quite a good preamp. I have listened to all the CJ preamps in the past 5 - 7 years and their house sound did change to a more neutral sound but one I like. The 17LS is also a very good preamp. YMMV.
I've owed three Premier 10s-they are very dimensional and smooth but not as tuby sounding as the Premier 3. If you are seeking holographic imaging and can forego slap-the-face taut bass you will be very happy. The highs are airy and realistic. It's one of my top five classic preamps.
Far exceeds the SP-11.

Breuninger, I apologize for misquoting you - quite sloppy of me. Thank you for answering my question.
Thank you for your replies. The only downside with the Premier 10 is that it only has one pair of outputs. I know there is a similar topic about this but I thought I would ask anyway. If I have two active subwoofers that I can connect mono (one run to each), am I okay splitting the signal at the Premier 10 with y-adapters at each terminal, with one pair going to the amplifier, and each from the other pair going to the [powered] subwoofers? Will this result in a signal quality loss?

Hi this is a bit late to add this but for reference CJ will install a new set of main outs for I believe $140 or so if I remember right, it was pretty reasonable
If anyone is still on this thread:
Solst1ce: Did you get a Premier 10? If so, what do you think of its sound? I am thinking of buying one.

Breuninger: With all your experience with the Premier 10, could you elaborate just a bit about their sound? Wondering how it might compare with Premier 14, or "Classic" preamp. I am not looking for neutrality, but I also don't want too dark.