Help choose phono stage

I have a modest family room system that consists of components that I believe punch above their weight class. The system is 100% vinyl and includes: a technics SP-25 turntable with ATP-12t tonearm, and I switch between Denon DL103 and DL102 (for mono and some of the older lps in my collection that are not in mint condition) cartridges. I have a Jasmine 2.0 phono stage feeding a Eastern Electric MiniMax preamp and sweet special edition 807 amp that was recently built by Dennis Had. Speakers are open baffle design based on Tang Band w8-1808. The system sounds great, gets played on a daily basis, and is enjoyed by family and friends. Well the audiophile in me just can't leave it alone, especially since I listen to it every day.. Between the MiniMax preamp and Jasmine phono stage I have way too much gain. Volume never makes it past 8-9:00 max in a fairly large room. I am thinking of trying a new phono stage; and am looking for some suggestions around $1000 new or used. I was thinking maybe the new Jasmine 3.0 as it has more flexible gain settings; or one of the Monolithic offerings; or Heed Quasar (tough to find used); or maybe a Musical Surroundings Nova (battery operated/ low noise/ interesting).. I prefer phono stages that do not have those dinky wall wart power supplies... from a build quality perspective the Jasmine is hard to beat, and I wouldn't want anything that is not built as well... I listen primarily to Jazz and some classical music.. So I am looking for some advice. I am a tube guy, but have left them out of my phono stage primarily due to the lack of quality options in my price range. I am also open to replacing both phono stage and preamp, with a preamp that has a built in phono stage. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Not sure if this is ok with forum rules.

I have a Croft Phono and line preamp on Audiogon. Have a
look and see what you think.
EDIT: Hmmm. I see you use a LOMC, no MC though... step up
If you are a fan of the Jasmine and the new model offers more gain options, I'd go with that. Though the attenuators might be a good first step.

But ultimately, only way to know is to try something in your system. These forums are nice to help you narrow down those choices.

I was a big fan of the the Avid Pulsus and now they sell a similar one-box phono stage called the Pellar. Music Direct sells these and they have a great return policy if you aren't a fan of it in your system.
I have a Jasmine and I replaced the output capacitors with Clarity caps made a huge difference I am now thinking of getting a black ice 149f seems to be the new giant killer on the Block