Help Celestion DL 12 series two -What do I have?

Help! I own two celestion speakers, but I don't see anything in any Hi-Fi sites that tells me what I have...or what they might possibly be worth...

They are both floor standing models (thin black wood encasing) with risers (to keep them from vibrating the floor), two woofers and one tweeter each, 8 ohms w/90 db sensitiaity and 10-150 watts...

I don't even know what year or decade they belong to!! Anyone have any ideas?? Are they valueless or valuable?

Any input would be hugely appreciated!!
I don't think they are worth much but they do sound good. I'd keep em. I have a pair of DL8 books shelf speakers that are dinged up but I use as a backup apir.
They are tall, floor standing 2 sub-woofer/or woofer speakers (& one tweeter each) and sound incredibly immediate...I have to sell them though...the original owner sold them to me for $500 each...

Do you know of anyone, or anyplace that might be able to give me more info on them?
There is an SL-12 listed on the Audiogon bluebook database, with a pair of woofers and a 1" tweeter.