Help CATV Digital Audio Out...

I just swapped my multichannel rig in favor of a dCS Purcell and Delius. While CD/DVD, XBox, and Audiotron are all working fine, my CATV box (SA 8000HD) is just giving me static. I switched the digital output format on the menu from "Dolby Digital" to "Other," but still get white noise. The odd bit is that if I swap boxes for an older SA 3250 I had upstairs, switching the digital to "Other," it works fine. While you might say "just leave the 3250 in," the problem is that the 3250 doesn't output digital for the low tier channels below 100, and with my new front end going directly into my amps, I've got *no* analog inputs. The other problem is that the 3250 lacks DVR functionality.

Any ideas? Anyone know of a cheap Dolby to PCM format converter?
I've now learned, I think, that the problem is that the 3250 outputs PCM when "Other" is selected, but the 8000 outputs MPEG-1 when "Other" is selected. At least, that is if I read the Scientific Atlanta website right. What the $#&%^! is MPEG-1?

I've now got an interim solution, which is using a cheapo RatShack A2D converter to take the analog stereo audio outputs and convert 'em to PCM digital. Digital to analog to digital to analog offends my sensibilities, however, so if anyone can think of anything else... Might order the ART DI/O, but it is still a kludge-y solution...
Are you saying that it won't output digital and analog at the same time? If it will can't you connect both?
It outputs analog, there just isn't any analog input in my setup--the dCS gear is really an upsampler and a DAC w/a volume control, so no preamp.

The problem is what to do with an MPEG-1 stream, when all I really have is a PCM input...
I'm interested in what other members say. I have a similar but diffrent problem.---I have 2 boxes--- Both Directv's--- One is the older Sony and the digital is all 44.1--whch is good. -----Then I have a Panasonic HD box----In the menu for that box there is a choice for ac3 or pcm. When I click pcm---it won't change and I get the dredded clicking---So, one box just because it outputs pcm to my 2ch dac---And the other box to a receiver for ac3 ss. Wish the Panasonic would allow me to choose my format.
Ugh. I'll advise against my interim solution of running the analog outs through the ratshack a2d--the ratshack has some kind of low level cut-off set for people with bad hearing and kind of "thumps" as it thinks it gets a signal. Totally audible and totally annoying during quiet passages. Hope the ART DIO works better.