Help Cary Rocket 88 or Primaluna Prologue 5

I asked 3 days ago here in the Forum, which tube amp to buy for $1000 below. I got more confused because of too many recommendations. Now, with just two choices, I hope it would be easier this time. What is the difference in sound between these two amps. Thanks again for your time.
I believe the Rocket operates in class 'A' and the Prologue in 'AB-1' but you should read the literature on that. The Rocket has balanced and RCA inputs. I haven't heard them side-by-side, but at the same price I'd take the Rocket.
The Rocket operates in A triode (30 watts) and AB ultralinear (60 watts). I haven't heard the Prima Luna, but having owned several pieces of Cary gear I'm pretty biased towards the Rocket.
i have owned both, and i would tell you to go with the primaluna 5. it costs less and sounds better. for me it is an easy choice.

honestly, i think the primaluna 5 sounds every bit as good as the cary v12r, which i also owned.