Help: Cary 805AE Problem?


One of my amp completely shut down while I was enjoying the music. All the tubes were bright and then they all suddenly went dark as if it had a black out while the other was working fine. First, I thought it was a 845 tube failure or fuses because I just changed a new pair of Shunguang 845M few hours ago. So, I swapped all the tubes and fuses from the working amp to the dead amp but it didn't change anything. I also put the 845B back that I've used for 3 months without any problem, but nothing help.

I think the main fuse probably blown out but I couldn’t locate where it is. I just saw only two fuses on the back that are tube fuses.

Does anybody know what's the problem?
How can I find the main fuse to check if it was blown out?

Thanks for your help!
Did you test your outlet to make sure it still has power?
Did you try unplugging the amp and looking inside for additional fuses?
Both left and right amps plug in the same power line conditioner, so I don't think outlet is an issue.

I need advises before opening the amp because I heard that tube amp is kind of danger to open it due to its capacitor sizes.

Thanks for your help!
I had the 211AE and could not find the main fuse. I called CARY. Unplug the power cords IEC connector from the amp. The fuse holder is directly beneath and can only be accessed with the IEC connector unpluged from the amp. At the bottom of the IEC inlet / receptacle is the fuse holder. You should see a small space in the center at the bottom of the inlet. I used a small screw driver in that space to pull out the fuse holder. I found that there was a spare fuse in the holder, if you don't have one on hand. Enjoy! Bill
Thanks Bill, I found the main fuse and replaced it with a new one. My amp is working now