Help Cartridge too heavy Need to add counterweig

Okay I purchased a cartridge on the recommendation’s of another thread on this board, however I was told that up to an 11 gram Cart. Should be fine, it is not… There is not enough counterweight to hold it at all, the Arm importer is music hall and they are out of the replacement counterweight right now for heavier carts. And that NOBODY will have them but them, and they are not expecting to see any for over a month. So what is my best bet to add some weight? They told me maybe some washers or something but I would like to do something that looks decent and can last without bouncing around or ringing like loose washers. Thanks I appreciate the help, would really like to do it right.

P.S. Yes I have an expensive digital stylus gauge, one of those recommended by stereophile I forget the name, so anyway I can accuratly set once we get some weight on it.
Music Hall is really a pro-ject, check with their importer.
The importer is one in the same from my understanding. thanks
I think I came up with something, The counterweight is round obviously, and it has a center hole to go onto the arm, I will take the weight with me to the old' hardware store and find some washers that will match up good to the diameter of the weight with the hole centered over the weights hole and attach using a little blue tac, and if I can stack the right weight, maybe even just one really thick carrige washer or something I can then just paint it black right on the thing. Would this be pretty good?
Go to the hard store and get black electrical tape. Wrap tape around tonearm near headshell. By trail and error you should be able to wrap enough tape to bring the overall balance into the counterweight's range.
Onhwy61 you are backwards..
He needs more counterweight, not more headshell weight.
Agree washers that match inner hole and outer diam best bet for now. Try a dab of crazy glue to hold the painted washers to the counterweight? (you can always unstick them later.)
Good luck
Right Counterweight not headshell weight... I will use a silicon based glue of somesort probably to put fairly permanent for now, whats the point of wasting the money on another weight, they are fairly pricey for replacement and hard to get for my arm anyway... plus the metal attached should have no resonance problem cause the weight itself is pretty rubberized and is isolated from the arm using some kinda compound to deaden it too in the inner hole... I have the extremly accurate Digital scale so we should be good to go. Thanks
Music Direct has the Pro-Ject arm heavy counterweights in stock.
My mistake.
I would question whether the cartridge a good one for your tonearm if you have to modify the tonearm to use it.
Jependleton, yes I did go to music direct before the suggestion and they get them from Sumiko, but not in stock.. Its on order, I will just do it right.. Thing is the Arm should be fine its just that the tables normally come with super light carts. and they decided to load it for this. But my cart. is only 10 grams I think that most arms are capable from my understanding as this is not really that high.
Dear Undertow: If you measure the VTF with the counterweight far back what is the measure VTF?. Maybe the counterweight is not enough for horizontal level the cartridge but maybe it can achieve the right cartridge VTF.

Other alternative is to put a ring of sorbothane on the counterweight it not only gives more weight but it could help like antiresonant device.

Regards and enjoy the music.