HELP Can't remember the name of a product

Years ago I bought a thin mylar type black disc that you placed on a CD or DVD and placed in the tray. This disc would clamp to the CD when playing. It was supposed to make a big difference in sound quality etc. I need it for a BluRay player that seems to have problems reading thinner transparently labeled discs. I see one called Millenium Carbon Fibre at 120.00 but that is way more than I need to spend. The disc to which I refer came in a cardboard digi-pak and I think it was Aurex or something like that. It really was just a black disc of mylar when it comes down to it, I am sure. Anyone remember these or know where I can purchase one of these. Thanks in advance.
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I used Statmat, which was a thin floppy black disc (looked like mylar).

The distributor (Canadian I think for North America @ the time) may have had "aural" in the name.

Retail was $40US.

Audioprism had a Black model out, but it would have been well over $100US.
DeKay, thank you and Yes it did have Aural in the name. I couldn't remember that. The one thst I find online is a Ringmat product and it is not solid black. So i don't think that will help me with my issue. I am thinking maybe I can find some black mylar and make my own, unless someone else has a source for something different.
Thanks again for your help.
Check out Herbie's AudioLab...not sure it is what you had before but he carries a product that sounds similar (Blackhole?) and costs way less than $100 - or at least it used to. Maybe it will work for you.
Google "statmat for sale cd" and you will find Statmat II for $14.95.

It may help with the DVD player (if not it's good for CD's).
Ghosthouse, thank you but I need one that covers the whole disc and the one that is that size is intended for topload players. But Thank you for the recommendation.
Dekay, thank you again, but the Statmat II has a lot of transparent area that most likely wouldn't help me with my issue.

I know I had one around here somewhere but I know I won't find it unless I buy a replacement, if you know what I mean. I may buy the one at 15.oo and try to blacken it and see if that is my solution. Thanks for the lead.
Hey - no problem. Good luck. Absolutely, buy one and you'll find the old one. Never fails....
Back in the day, the Mod Squad did a disk that covered the entire surface… and Marigo Audio has disks that cover the surface.