Help Can I use an AES/EBU cable as analog?

Can I use a Kimber Orchid AES/EBU xlr cable as an interconnect between the analog out of a cd player to an analog in to a preamp? Will it sound OK?

CD is a CD1 Bel Canto, Pre is an Adcom GFP 750 both true balanced.

I did a quick archive search but didn't see a definitive answer.

Yes you can. Most, if not all AES/EBU cables are 110 ohm. It should be okay, but probably not the "best" choice. It won't hurt anything.
What's the best choice then? Regular balanced?
Any regular interconnect with XLR ends would probably perform better since the AES/EBU is again made for that 110 ohm rating.

What are your other interconnects? You might just try the same brand as you have now.
Kimber silver streak
Kimber Hero with XLR's would be a GREAT sounding, not very expensive cable. You could always get another pair of the Silver Streak.
Thanks! I have a note into kimber tech support and I will post their response
Any other input? Thanks all
Kimber tech support says these cables will pass an analog signal fine. They have not done extensive listening however. They did seem to think silver streak Xlr would sound better. I will have to listen and report back
Swanny - Don't worry about 110 Ohm characteristic impedance - it is for impedance matching at MHz frequencies (to avoid reflections on impedance boundaries)and does not make any difference here. Because high frequency travels only on the surface of the cable (very small skin depth) video (and I guess digital) cables are made of low grade copper often silver plated. Skin depth for copper at 20kHz is equivalent to about gauge 18 so practically in every interconnect audio signal penetrates whole copper. Quality of the copper is important.