Help: Cable for surround and sub

I've looked for surround and sub cable, but I don't know it's good idea if spending more money on them. For the surround and sub, is the cable make a difference?
I already got qoutes on Nordost Flatline ($240 for 33'), Super flatline ($530), and IXOS 6003 ($110).
For the Sub, I think of Better Cable (5m for around $100), IXOS ($80) or Cardas (around $500).
Really need your helps or please let me know if you know any better cable
Thank for your help
I don't know your setup but I will toss this out, as it may fit.
Surround cabling --- IXOS 6003 (I use it for my surround dipoles and it works). Don't recommend dropping $ on surround cabling as the discrete channels are not fed the same as your front soundstage. Underfed is more like it.

Sub -- I just tonight ordered a Boldercables Type 1/Belden sub cable to replace a BetterCables.
You might try Analysis Plus Oval cables. People rave about the bass from these wires. They even have a CL3 rated in-wall cable for surround applications. Silver Sonic T-14 is another high value/performance wire.

Cables/Wires will make a difference. The more your system can resolve the more differences you will hear.

Sub and surround speaker placement and proper calibration will have more of an affect than your wire. Get that right first. It's cheaper than buying new cables. Also, if your surround speakers don't sonically match the fronts then spending money on speaker wire may not be your first priority.