I experience a slight buzz from my system which appears approx after 2 hours of operation. Could this be a tube problem. Ive tried ground cheater and that is not the case. I run tube gear...Counterpoint SA11 pre, LA Audio/Klimo mono amps...could a bad pre tube be the culprit? If so, why would it manifest after an hour of so? Any help would be obliged.
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I recommend you disconnect ONE of your i/c's connected to one of your monoblocks. (I'm assuming the speakers are buzzing while everything is connected and on, but no music is playing). If the buzzing stops with one i/c disconnected, I think you have a grounding problem with your house wiring.
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Is the buzzing comming from both channels? If yes then you could probably eliminate the output sections of the amp and premap. If you could substitute the amp or preamp with another known good peice, this will help narrow it down. Tubes can definitely be intermmitent after warming up.