help buying capacitors

I want to buy Black Gate capacitors for my Audio Note Kit 2 speakers that I am building but do not know anything about electronics. I see there are various type of Black Gate caps with non polar, standard polar, high voltage etc.

What type do I need for speakers?

Are they directional?

Where is the best place to buy black Gates?

thank you all and Happy Holidays...

I don't think you want Black Gate for speakers, and if you do good luck finding the high value not polar types.

I suggest that there are other good caps: Mundorf, Hovland, Auri, Sonic Cap, etc. The can be found on the net.

For larger values, parallel them, for not in circuit types , eq's for drivers etc. use Solen or Madisound's or Parts Express lower cost Polypro types. For tweets the foil variety is usually better sounding but be prepared for sticker shock!

Try here:

A great vendor to work with.
If you have to have Black Gates, Michael Percy sells them and has explanations of the types. But Loon is correct--I'd never put a 'lytic into a speaker, and SCRs (Axon, Solen, etc.) 'propylenes are great, bypassed with something better, for the high-value locations and are highly affordable. Percy also sells LOTS of other high-quality film caps.

For higher-quality caps for use in series with the signal, I prefer North Creek's Zen, Harmony, and Crescendo 'propylenes, with the Harmony metalized also highly affordable.

An Audio Note dealer told me to put Black Gates in my speakers so I will try. Black Gates are popular with Audio Note and I want to stick with their phylosophy.


Thanks for the advice, you are the second vote for partsconnexion.

I was just hoping to get all my ducks in a row before calling them. Maybe they will have the answers to my questions.
agreed, blackgates are the most overrated cap in existence. or, that were in existence- they are out of production now, sold out many places. (though still many hoards left. but why bother? they are not worth it). A good idea is avoid electrolytics of any type/brand whenever possible.

not knowing anything about caps as you stated, you are better off letting someone else make the choices and do any mods. IMNSHO.

Thank you guys,

I will ask Audio Note owner Peter Q and get his word.

And to be perfectly clear I know nothing about electronics at all and very much appreciate your input.

I may leave the stock caps in yet... we will see.

thank you all very much

Blackgates are overrated and even if they weren't they would be the wrong type for a speaker application. I have used lotsa of resistors and caps from North Creek...resistor upgrade will be cheaper and easier and more rewarding..Tom
definitely should consider film caps like Hovland, dynamicap, auricap. You can also go with beeswax caps like Jupiter or the Jenesen oil caps.