Help buying a phono preamp

My budget is £70 MAX. I would prefer to spend around £40.

ATM my options are:

Rega Mini fono (used)
Cambridge 640p (or a 651p, both used)
Art DJPre II (New)

I have heard goo reviews about the TCC TC-750, Nad PP2 or Project phono box as well, but people seemed to prefer the three I listed. Which one of those three is the best?

Also I saw a Nad C162 for £40 in a cash converters near where I live. I went home and researched it and found out its RRP was £599. Is the phono on this stage better then the other options I named? Is it so expensive because of all the other features or is it just a really good pre? What is the phono stage on it like? Its the old version of the Nad c165
I have the 640p with an upgraded power supply (something you can do over time) and it competes with units many times its price.

Even with the standard power supply it is a very good performer.

The 651p should be a better choice since the components used are superior.

I use mine with a Denon dl103 MC cartridge, into a naim 5i mk2 amp and the results are very dynamic, spacious and musical.

Hope this helps