Help bust speaker terminals....Quads 2905s

The binding posts on the Quad 2905s are flimsy aluminum, 3 of the 4 posts have gone bust with the threaded bit shearing off. Have somehow managed to snuggle the cardas spades in the unbroken bit but this is not a satisfactory or sustainable solution. Have any Quad owners experienced something similar and how difficult is it to replace the binding posts ?
Many thanks for your help/advice.
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get yourself an audioquest binding post wrench, so you can't over torque the binding posts.

since they are damaged get some cardas posts with the single knob to tighten down. sorry no experience replacing them
The same thing happened to me. I agree they are flimsy. I was using Cardas spades too.

I took mine back to the dealer and had him install heavy duty WBT binding posts. While he was inside, I had him upgrade the capacitors and separate out the +/- input signal wires from all of the other wires it is bundled with.

I have 988s and have not had any trouble... Tricon, was there any improvements with the upgraded caps? What caps were used? I didn't know anyone was doing upgrades to the newer Quads.
Hi Grateful (as in Dead?)...yes there was a slight improvement in the highs. I think they are a little cleaner. Cymbols sound more like brass, bells have more clarity, upper register piano is clear without any glassiness.

The technician that worked on them is a real tinkerer. He suggested the upgraded caps -- I think he put in Auricaps, but I can't be sure.

I got the idea about separating the +/- input wires from a thread I posted over on Audio Asylum on my broken binding posts.

Many thanks. Have ordered a set of Cardas binding posts. A friend has promised to fix them.