Help: Burning High Res Audio to DVD

Agggh. It's driving me crazy. I have high def wave files from HDtracks and Acoustic Sounds Super HiRez and I want to burn them to a DVD and play them on a CD player that recognizes these files (i.e. PS Audio Transport). How do I do that? I've tried AShampoo and JRiver Media and neither one will work.

Do I need a Mac (I have one)?

If you can point me to a link it would be great (AShampoo's directions didn't work, maybe they weren't intended for HD Wav files).

Thanks ahead of time.

My primary computer is a PC, but my wife and kids use a Mac so any solution on any platform would be helpful.

I don't think you can use a dvd. A CD transport may not be compatible. Try burning th a blank CD instead. You'll only get about 20 min play time on a disk, but it may work. If you can use something like a USB stick, that would probably be the best way to go. Its a better option than burning.
Capacity wise you need a Blu Ray.
Thanks guys. I've figured it out now. I was using AShampoo to burn the WAV files to DVD, but the setting had to be UDF 1.02 rather than the default setting. This is because the transport expects 1.02 not 1.5.