Help building around Sony 9000ES SACD player?

I'm starting a *small* two-channel system that's built around a Sony 9000ES SACD player. By "small," I mean 2 speakers and a 2-channel integrated amp. I'd like to get an integrated that originally sold for maybe $1200-$1400 and could be had on Audiogon for $600-$700 (roughly). I'd like speakers that cost maybe 2k new, but could be purchased for around a grand on the 'GoN. I'm looking to stay fairly modest with the single pair of interconnects (1 meter) and the speaker cable (8 feet or so)...maybe $100-$150 used for each of those. Can anyone help me with suggestions for any or all of these items?

How big is your room? Do you want floor-standing or stand-mounted speakers, or some other approach? Musical preferences? Loudness preferences?
Small room...I live in Washington, DC, so I'll *always* have a small room, since I'll never be able to afford a large living space. I'm thinking floor-standing, almost full range speakers (down to maybe 25 or 30 Hz), and preferably above 20 KhZ a little bit, to help take advantage of the increased SACD resolution (25-30 KhZ). Volume will have to be moderate, because I live (and will continue to live for some time) in an apartment situation.

Thanks for asking these questions, DanLevy.
I think the Vandersteen 2 series speakers would flesh out the sound of the Sony DVP-9000ES CD / SACD player very nicely indeed.

Others could probably recommend an integrated amp and cables that would work well with this combination.
I recently heard some relatively small floorstanding speakers that were outstanding, the Totem Hawks. I was *really* impressed with them. They list for $2,200.00; I'm not sure what they'd go for used.
I have Totem forest speakers,9000ES,Anthem amp-2 SE,and EVS attenuators in my second system. I think it sounds great.