Help Building an Audio Room

Hi All

I have been allotted a 15x15 x 10h room in the corner of my basement by the wife.
While I’m very happy to have a dedicated audio room, I have some questions and concerns. I’m hoping you all might be able to help. 

1) Three of the walls are poured concrete.  The space has crazy slap eco already and the 4th/back wall is not even closed in yet.

I am having the walls framed in, insulated, electrical, drywall etc. I am thinking of having them frame and build one wall an additional distance off the cement wall some amount so the room is not a square

Is that a good idea?  If so, how much out of square does it need to be to benefit from not being 15x15? Is 15x14 enough? Should I go for 15x13?  I can set up the speakers about any way I would like. 

2) Next question.  Should I have them install a certain type of insulation behind the drywall?  Money is an object, but now is my chance to build the room the best way I can within reason and to offset the square room I’m starting with. 

3) Anything else I should consider before/as they begin to frame, etc? 

Thanks very much!


@panzrwagn, I like your 'piano keys' approach on the wall.  A simple 'graphic' approach that makes what's usually bland into appropriate for a audio room....

I think I'll 'steal' that... ;)

Hi, Miller....I'm working towards a distributed sub system, think it'd best with my omnis...time will tell. *G*

Try contacting Matt Clott (spelling) from TAS.  His room is completely done up.  He may have some good suggestions for you and possibly some help in purchasing.


Happy Listening.

@jo1mtb I believe the room LxWxH you are proposing will work well. Check out ATS Acoustics for ideas. The rockwool material can likely be purchased locally and you can incorporate panels into the walls. As oposed to bass traps I placed diagonally in corners. worked well and saves dollars. 

Just as a side note there was an interesting article in the June 2021 Stereophile magazine in the industry update section from Kongens Lyngby of Denmark that quoted studies from Jens Holger Rindel a Danish acoustics software company that the room height was not as critical regarding room nodes as was the relationship of the width to length.  "Any length-to-width ratio in the range of 1.15-1.45 is fine.  So for example if your room is 15' wide, any length between 17.25' and 21.75' is okay.  Surprisingly, as long as the room is wider than it is high, the height of the ceiling doesn't matter very much, Rindel found."  Kind of interesting.

My dedicated room is a little smaller the false wall is a great solution.  I put in fully opening wardrobes along the back wall, packed them with shelves and clothes and dedicated home made base traps. Opening the doors when playing music helps with base control, in fact opening the doors at say 45 degrees also creates a non square room.