Help building a system with 1k budget

I know that this a hard task, thats why i am asking for help, I moved to PR where I am in graduate school all my hi-end left behind on storage now I am facing the need for some system that aloud me to enjoy the music no just the monster iPod dock that i though it will do!
I rented a place that it has a pair of speakers old nice Bose, but the technic gear matching is not good at all, basically i think that what I need is an amp and a turntable maybe a DAC for my mac and a phono.
I do really appreciate your help putting something decent together!
without you guys my world could be more complicated!
so i don't take it for granted!
What value do you place on components you want? In terms of most important and which pieces will be allotted the bigger share of the K?
Well if you retain the Bose speakers, I am sure you can purchase a 2 channel stereo integrated amp and a turntable for under $1K. Do you want to purchase all brand new or preowned here on Audiogon? How many watts/channel/8ohms are you looking for? NAD for example offers several 2 channel stereo integrateds starting at approx @350.00 for their 40 watts/channel and up. You can't go wrong with NAD components. Music Hall makes 8 different model turntables. You would need a phono stage most likely. There are 350 used turntables available on Audiogon !!
Well I have in storage my ayon triton and my AZ crescendos, plus my Rega p5,
i had an NAD before went higher i sold it, i don't know if i want to go back to NAD or Marantz, or a chinese Tube amp, also considering REga RP1.
I will keep the same speakers that my landlord has, they look and sound good old bose real Wood!

I will appreciate all inputs,
thanks a lot.