HELP Broke Blue Tonearm Lead


So after playing around for years changing carts, I finally snapped my blue lead :). Tonearm is RB301 should I rewire it myself or bring down the block and have a tech do it? What do I need to buy? What am I in for?

Of course it happens when the wife and kids are out AHHH!!

Any advise is welcome.


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How far did you rip the wire? I believe that there's still a notch out of arm tube. If that's the case, you can dissassemble the DIN, tie up just one lead of sufficient length and pull out broken one with replacement one without rewiring the whole arm.
If you want to upgrade wires, you can follow the same actions but for the whole wire set.
Shouldn't even take long
well it broker right at (what seems to be) that rub grommet. I made some calls and I have a few options ranging from $150 to $300 which makes me sick considering the tone arm is trading at $400. LOL

All this to try what will be a crappy $60 cart.