Help!! Bought Rega TT in the UK and now cant use it in the U.S.

So I bought a Rega Planar 2 through Amazon U.K. because it was $175 cheaper than anywhere in the U.S. I feel stupid now because I did not think about the power supply. Can someone please guide me in the right direction as to what some of my options are to be able to use the TT here in the U.S. I dont want to make the wrong move and burn the motor in the TT.
Im not to savy when it comes to electricity so your guidance is appreciated. Thanks
Testpilot I called the store that I bought it from in the UK and all they tell me is to buy a transformer but from what alot of people are saying I need a different motor or a different pulley. This really sucks as I will have to pay for shipping cost if I return it. Is there a possibility that this TT is compatible with both 50hz and 60hz?
No, it will need 50Hz. You can buy frequency converters but they start at USD1k (,19,21) ... one option would be to buy a Japan spec Neo Rega PSU and a US to Japan step down ... but will likely still cost as much as the table!

Seriously as others have suggested your only real solution is this
You might at least check to see if what Chakster said is correct.  Is there in fact a 50Hz/60Hz switch on the motor? (I'd be surprised.)  If not, I would think your cheapest option is to spend the $150 for the correct motor. If you return your present unit for full refund, you would still be out the shipping costs, and as you mention, the US price is $150 higher than the UK price.  So, that option is not going to save $.