Help Blue wire fell out from behind Maggie 1.6's

I updated my Maggie 1.6's according to Ed Hsu's recommendations, Alpha Core inductors and Hovland capacitors. I recently moved to New Mexico and while I was setting up my Maggies and rewiring these upgraded components to the original wires, I noticed that the BLUE CABLE fell out!!!!!!!

The blue cable comes out from underneath a wood "frame" (at the top) that I can not see behind. Can anyone who has performed this kind of upgrade to their 1'6's help me to reattach the Blue cable?

I am beside myself, because I waited months to hear my Maggies and now I must wait until I can fix it myself (?) or find a repair shop, hopefully not to far away, that can do it for me. Sigh!!!

If you can help I would deeply appreciate it.

Thanks in advance-Richard
Sorry to be answering my own thread...but I layed down my Maggie on the floor and peered up that thin slot with a flash light (my god, this sounds scandalously erotic) and low and behold I saw the "tab" the blue wire fell out of.

However, the small cylinder the wire fits into is stubbornly hard to "open" so that I could fit the wire back in and close it up! The wire refuses to slip into the cylinder as it is.

Any suggestions?

Again, thanks everyone for your patience with me-Richard
Call Magnepan @ 1-800-474-1646. Ask for anyone in the servic/tech department. They can walk you through it.(nice people) Good Luck.