Help....Bi-wiring SL-3's?

Ok here's my story: I bought a used pair of SL-3's and two pairs of Kimber's 8tc cable to biwire them using a Sunfire Cinema Grand for my amplifier. So here's the question...should I run the traditional bi-wire, or does anyone have any experience bi-amping using the 3rd and 4th channels of the CG to push the woofers? Or did I waste money buying the second run of wire? If you have experience with these speakers, Please advise.
The SL 3's were reviewed in many magazines stating that Bi-Wire is preferrable! Tighter overall sound than with single wire. I am using 2 runs of wire on mine. Not familiar with Bi-amping.Thanks, Steve
I, too, have the SL3s biwired with a double run of Kimber 8TC, but mine is to a McCormack DNA1 which has 2 pair of binding posts. Bass seemed tighter when I went from the single, internally biwired run of 8TC to the 2 runs, but I can't say it was a major change. I'm not familiar with the CG and its power capabilities, but just adding a second run of cable will likely to have at least a minimal improvement independent of the additional amplification. Enjoy!