Help Bi-amping question

My system consist of a Classe model 25 amp, DR5 Preamp, Rega Planet cd player and B&W matrix 802's series 2. I recentley bought a pair of Classe DR3's as Ive never ran pure class A before. I also have never bi-amped before. How do I set these amps up in my system. Ive been using Audioquest Crystle Hyperlintz bi-wire with the model 25. To Bi-amp the two DR3's do I need to purchase another run of bi-wire? Do I need any other interconnect. I'd like to get these amps up and running fast so I can make a comparison between the DR3's and the model 25. I'm very happy with my system but got the upgrade bug. Problem is I'm alot better at listening to music then I am a the technical aspect. Appreciate any advise that can be given. Cheers Gary
Hi Gary,
A few years ago I had a similar system, 802's matrix-3,
DR3's, AudioResearch LS5 tube preamp & Cardas Hexlink golden 5c speaker and interconect.
The DR3's are switchable into mono amps from the inside witch is the way that I ran them. This sounded very good and you will not need any other cables. Bi-amping requires two pairs of interconects and two pairs of speaker cable, one amp will power the bass terminals of both speakers while the other amp will power the treble terminals hence the reason for 2 pairs of speaker cables. You will also require a preamp with two sets of main outs hence 2 pairs of interconects to connect the bass amp and treble amp.
I do not see the advantage of bi-amping just convert them to mono blocs use your existing cables and enjoy!
This is an interesting question. I bi-amp. There are three ways to do it. First make sure the straps that seperate the high end from the low end are removed. I am assuming each speaker has two sets of input terminals.

The next question you have to ask and you may want to ask Classe is do both power amps have the same gain level? If they are different can they be adjusted?

One way is to bi-amp is to run the smaller of the two power amps for the high end and the larger for the low end. One channel of each amp goes to the high mid-upper terminal on the smaller amp. The same procedure applies for the larger amp. ( The assumption here is that the speakers can be biamped without an electronic crossover.

If the crossover is separate ( I don't think it is on these speakers) is to use an electronic crossover and do the same. The electronic allows one to vary the gain between amps a, change the crossover points and fix small issues.

The third way is to run each amp bridged mono into each speaker. The assumption is that both amps are of equal power and equal gain. If they are not don't do this.
I have a pair of Classe 25 amps and Martin Logan Ascents, I too tried the amps in mono and all you need is one pair IC and two pairs speaker wire if you bi-wire the speakers, I also tried them bi-amped vertical and they sound better this way, you will need two pairs speaker wire, two pairs IC and if your preamp only has one set of outputs you will need some Y adapters or if you have a set of balance outs you can pick up come RCA/XLR adapters from cardas or for around $40 or Monster makes ok ones at $20. I found the bi-amp vertical to be much better than running the Classe in mono, when running in mono I got a slight hiss from my speakers and over all sound was not as musical as even using one stereo amp but when I bi-amped the system became much more musical over both mono and a single stereo amp. You may want to try the DR-3 on the panels and the 25 on the woofers and then swap them around, could be fun!
Happy istening!