Help bi-amp question: do I need an EQ?

Here's what I have: adcom-2535 4-channel power amp and a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze B2 (crossover at 2.8khz, 4 binding posts on each terminal). I have these set up in a verticle biamp configuration. I feel the sound is not quite optimized, but I am a little confused about how my power amp is currently performing in this configuration, and I have a couple questions:

1) Would I likely here an improvement if I added EQ after the pre-amp (I am considering the Audiosource EQ200 for $132, any other suggestions for quiet eq's at this price appreciated - if you think this is the way to go...) in order to notch out the low freq before they get to the high-pass channels of the power amp, giving the amp more power in reserve (this will require som fancy cableing of course)?

2) Is what I really need not a graphic eq but rather some sort of external line-level crossover? If so, can somebody name any such units under $150?

3) Is the whole thing futile because the adcom is likely already performing as well as possible in the current configuration?

What I am asking essentially is: does a power amp automatically amplify the entire signal it is fed, whether it is powering a 1" tweeter or a 12" woofer, thereby wasting enrgy?
Dear Bold,

Vertical biamping means that you have one stereo amp for each channel.
More importantly, NO, you do not need eq now any more than if you were not biamping. Since your amps are of the same brand, and in your case the same amp, they have the same gain for each amp. This is the ideal situation. You don't need eq any more than you need tone controls on your preamp. Unless you spend a huge amount of money (such as $10K on a used Cello Palatte eq) you will degrade your sound with the addition of more in your signal path.

Adding an active x-over would require bypassing the internal x-over within your speakers. The active x-over should be customized for you speakers with the correct slope and frequency. Done correctly, this is not cheap. I personally use the Krell KBX (lists for about $4K and can be found for approximately half on the used market). Krell will customize it for a mere $200. I think this is not practical in your situation.

To answer your final question: If you are worried about wasting power, you are probably in the wrong hobby (just kidding). The answer is yes, the amp does amplify the entire signal sent to it, but don't be concerned.