HELP Best way to ship 160 lbs. speaker?

I searched this forum and can't really get a clear answer on what is the best way to ship a package over 150 lbs. Im disabled so I'm only looking for a freight service that can pick up from a residential and deliver to a residential. I know Bax Global and FedEx freight service do not pick up in residential. I also contacted UPS Logistics and they won't let me insured it for more than $100 they said because it is used item. I tried to search "Rodeway trucking or Rhodeway trucking" but no results. Audiogoners, Pls. help.
its spelled Roadway
It's spelled "IT'S" :)
Several years ago, I bought a pair of used Vandersteen 3A's from John Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona, New Jersey. The speakers were shipped by a freight/trucking firm that Rutan normally uses when shipping heavy speakers / audio gear. I'm not I correctly remember the name of the trucking firm, but I'm sure if you called John Rutan, he'll be glad to help you. John's phone number at Audio Connection is 973-239-1799.
Call Vintage Transport-800-333-0056 x 2002. No crating required and they will pick the speakers up from their present placement.
You can also try the company that JTinn uses in Portland. I think it is called Adcom. I have spoken with them several times. They are very easy to work with. Jonathon's website is
Roy, when did you become disabled? Sorry to hear that.

There are a number of freight haulers that operate both within and out of the Bay Area. Check the yellow pages.
Road trip!
Furniture movers are an option.
The challenge here is the transporting from your house to the shipper. Two large guys (or girls) with a pickup might accomplish this. My pick would be Greyhound as they ship reasonably, often overnight. However, the receiving party must retrieve from the bus station itself. Very best of luck.
Roadway is one. is hard to beat.

Brian Walsh
carefully ;)
Thanks everybody. I decided to let somebody remove one speaker from the flight case and box it separate and let UPS pick it up. Here are the quotes from different carriers for 18 X 27 X 32 and weighs 160lbs. via ground shipping
Vintage Transport $530
Roadway Express $558
Unishippers is going to call me back. I have a feeling that it's going to be close to the prices above.
UPS is going to cost me $170 for both packages.

BTW.4yanx, I'm temporarily disable due to an accident.
Thanks for your thought.