Help! Best amp for Rockport Aviors?

I recently purchased a pair of Rockport Aviors to replace my Dynaudio C2s. My system comprises of a Berkeley Reference DAC, Spectral DMC-30SS preamp, and Spectral DMA-260 stereo amp. My intial impression was disappointing - "hot" treble and a lack of low end slam. I assumed that my amp didn't have enough current to drive the Aviors properly so I auditioned the Spectral DMA-400 RS monos with the Aviors and that combo still didn't resonate in the way I first heard the Aviors (kicking myself for not noting the system). My current theory is that the Spectral gear (as much as I love it) isn't a good match for the Rockports; therefore, I have a bit of a quandary - ditch my Spectral system or the Aviors.

I know that Andrew uses a Gryphon stack to voice his speakers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't kmow of a USA Gryphon dealer and wouldn't purchase a Gryphon component without hearing it in person first.

So cut to the chase: Avior owners out there - what do you drive them with that results in the "softer" treble and bass slam that I know these speakers are capable of. My current guess is to audition Pass Labs.
Ditch the Spectral.... Try to get vintage  EKSC 2a versions in monoblock iteration.. These are of the  legendary Jon Iverson fame amps... Still to this day, few solid amps can touch them for the treble delicacy and bass slam... I believe eagle audio in Kansas still able to supply a freshly refurbished pair. I think configured in mono they are about 2 grand. Just try to get 2a version, they are best sounding ones among three version. We had comparo session awhile ago  at my friend's set up here in NY and the stereo version of the 2a in my non humble opinion (and among very experiences music nuts who were present there) it handily bettered Spectral and Levinson amps that my friend had intended to purchase. Now a pair of EKCS are his summer amps , his winter amps being Tube Research Labs 400 (those are among top 5 amps), just to give you a point of reference. Short of custom designs, I doubt many solid state amps can better them in dynamics and slam, etc., regardless of price... Don't be tempted by the larger 7 versions, those look great but are not as good, although still better than Spectral I d say... Ditch the Spectral preamp, and try to audition the Croft 7R preamp with separate  regulated power supply. The British pound/$ is favorable now so you should be able to get a decent deal from England. The  US distributor overprices them by alot here, but Brit dealers will deal and provide units in US voltage...
Thanks for all the insight guys/gals,

After a lot of auditioning, I've settled on the Spectral 400 RS monos and I'm thrilled. The Aviors need a lot of power which the 400s deliver compared to the 260. Soundstage and mid bass are amazing with the Aviors.

As a side note, the new Nagra Classic Amps are amazing! It was a close toss up between the two and it was a razor thin decision. I love the Spectral "sound" but the Nagras have a more sexy sound in liue of the Spectral authority in mid-bass and treble.


Glad you sorted out the hot treble issue. A bit late on this post. My room size is similar, 14'x23'x10'(height) and from my experience the Aviors need to breathe. Agree with Soix that 12"" from the rear wall doesn't appear right. I have mine 3.5' from the rear wall.

I just got a pair of of Aviors.  I laughed at hot treble post. Just to get up and running I threw a crappy integrated on the Aviors. Put all my past speakers to shame( I have owned dozens if not more!).
 My intent is not to take them all the way. I am using them in a home theater set up. My VTL 450s are splendid. My Cary CAD120S MK2 was really good also. 
 The Aviors are IMO one of the most musical and spooky real speaker I have EVER owned. 
 I had to call Andy and tell him so. Speakers are that good, no they are that great. 
 Hot treble too funny.