HELP Best 5.1 amplification for under $2000

I’m searching for a receiver or a Prepro & Amp combination to drive a 5.1 home theater with classic Mirage speakers. I'm considering a B&K 307 receiver (demo) but am looking for other options, used is OK.
The 2 extra channels are for a second zone.
The usage is 40% 2ch Music & 60% HT.
Too many options out there and I need experienced advice!
This may be cheaper than you were intending, but the Denon AVR 3803 is not a bad receiver. It has 7.1 channels (100W/ch), which you can use 5.1 for the HT, and the other 2 channels for another room. It has video switching, which means you only need one video cable to your TV, as it will upgrade all the inputs to component video outs. (This includes both S video as well as coaxial). I have last years model the 3802, (which lacks the video switching, unfortunately), but my friend just picked up a 3803 on Audiogon for $600. (New they are retailed at $1,200. But you can easily find them cheaper on-line).

My only caveat is that this is not really audiophile quality. If you are going to use this as your sole amp for quality listening, don't get it. (But if you are like me, your HT setup is secondary compared to the REAL stereo setup, it should serve you adequately.)

Good Luck!
Thank you very much for the response Kurt_tank,
Since this unit will need to perform double duty -- both music and theater - I am trying to get some feedback from the audiophiles on what might be a good starting point.

I have heard reports similar to yours' on the DENON, which appears to top the list of Asian imports (excluding Rotel).

I was hoping someone would come up with an experienced suggestion on separates for under 2K which would be a sonic improvement on the discontinued b&k receiver.

Best regards
Outlaw( the 950 and 755 is about $1700. The 950 is a clone that is made for multiple retailers including Sherbourn and ATI. Read http:/

I like Kurt's suggestion as well. If this system is going to be used primarily for home theater (watching movies and concerts on DVD (and multi-room audio use as well)), then I think that a Denon AVR-3803 will serve you quite well. For what it is designed for, the Denon AVR-3803 is NICE receiver.

But now, on the other hand, if music is going to get top billing in this system, then you're going to need something with some more "audiophile" pedegree built into it. And with that said then, I would pass on the Denon AVR-3803 (great for home theater..... but lacks the "musical" credentials to be considered audiophile material) at that point. The separates I would look at from this point on would be those from such manufacturers such as Outlaw, Parasound (check out the "Halo" series), and Rotel. Sherbourn deserves a look as well.

Good Luck!!!!!