Help-Bent Benz cantilever need advice

Hi All,

I need your advice- These pics are from a used Benz Micro Glider cartridge that I recently received. The cantilever looks bent to me- Is it usable? does it need repair? can anyone recommend who to go to for repair? Really appreciate your help on this- Thank you.

Link to photos

May need to copy/paste- I am new to this forums postings-
It sure looks off center to me. I would send it to SoundSmith for the $250 level repair.
Axel corrected my AT 180 for 50 Euro:
The AT is an MM cart while your Benz is MC kind. You should
first ask Axel.
I would recommend Soundsmith as well. Peter recently retipped my Benz LP and I am very pleased with the results.
First of all, what were the seller's representations regarding the cartridge? Sounds like you bought it without actually seeing it first, so the seller should have disclosed this defect. The cantilever does look pretty off-center.
I am sorry but my reference misses one letter : BTW a boron cantilever can'n bend. If the cantilver is of-center the suspension should be corrected.
I have had both SS (two different times) and Axel of Germany repair cartridges – both of them with excellent results.
I recommend you send to both of them a couple clear pics (15 and 16 ? ) so they can give you an estimate by email.
Axel communicates in English very well through email.
His Info

You have the SS info in the previous post.

Good Luck
It does not look good. Here is another alternative that does cartridge repair and retipping:

Best of luck with the project.