HELP BAT VK-250 or Musical Fidelity A300cr?

Hi, all. I have had a MF A300cr power amp (225 wpc) for the last 10 years. Great amp, IMHO. However, I have the acquisition bug. I now have an opportunity to get a new BAT VK-250 (150 wpc) at 50% off list, but I can't audition it. I'm using a BAT VK-3i preamp, and generally dig BAT products. So, would you sell the MF and buy the BAT, or just keep the MF? Are there any trade-offs between the two, other than wpc? Is the BAT superior or inferior to the MF? Your thoughts on this would be most appreciated. Thanks, and happy holidays to everyone.
I've owned both brands and like BAT much more. Needless to say, its going to be a better match for your preamp. The MF may be a bit more lively sounding but overall, I prefer the house sound of BAT. A lot of it has to do with it being a 0 feedback amp. You should hear more detail, better imaging and a cleaner top end. Keep in mind, though, you have to listen to it, not me.
I used to own a BAT VK50SE and a BAT VK200. It's a awesome combination and I'd have to agree with zd542...the matching here is very nice. I'd sell the MF...Also when you get your BAT amp ...leave it on when your listening everyday...I think you'll find after 24 sounds even better...

Good luck