Help B&W DM604 S1 floor + Sansui AU-999 receiver?

Audiophile help needed!

I have a 1970 Sansui AU-999 receiver and am looking for new speakers.

Would a set of B&W DM604 S1 floor speakers pair well with this receiver?

Why or why not?

Any help appreciated. Thank you!
I didn't have the exact combo in question, but I had B&W DM 620's, powered by a 60 watt Parasound HCA 600 amp and seperate P/HP 850 Parasound preamp.

That combination worked quite well for me (twenty years ago), and I imagine the Sansui/B&W DM 604 combination would work well for you, providing all is in good working order.

Without checking, as far as I know, the model of speaker you are looking at buying was made around twenty years ago. Make sure they are working as they should, before putting any coin into them.

The DM 640's were the top of the range of the 600 series, so I'd judge them to be pretty good performers.

Good luck,
It seems my dyslexia was kicking in in my previous post. The 604's are six years newer, with larger and better drivers, and are considerably heavier that the 640's.So, even better for you than my mistakenly-named DM 640's.

Good luck, and enjoy,

Wonderful. Thanks for the help!