Help - B&K AVR305 relays are "chattering"

I have a B&K AVR305 that I use as a processessor, and to power center, surround and rear surround speakers. Recently I heard some "chattering" inside the chassis. A call to tech support said that relays were responding to a drop in voltage (below 90 volts). We had an electrician come out and check the line (a dedicated line, I might add) and surprise, found no problem - obviously an intermitten condition.

I guess I need some kind of line conditioner or generator, but most of the affordable ones won't support the power demands of the B&K, let alone my Threshold T200 and Genesis sub amp for my Gen Vs. Anyone have a solution that doesn't require a second mortgage?



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Thanks for your responses, guys. The line is a brand new, dedicated copper line with a hospital grade receptacle. Unfortunately, I was not here when electrician checked the line, so I don't know if my wife had them check it "under load", so to speak. There are three amps (B&K, Threshold T200 and Genesis) + a TV on that line, but that's it. Weird that the other components don't seem to be affected - the B&K is either very sensitive to voltage anomolies, or is defective. In any event, I will be sending it to B&K after the holidays (I've got 5 inlaws coming to town and need the home-theater diversion, believe me!)to be checked and repaired.