Help- Auditioning Tekton Pendragon

Looking for new speakers. Anyone near Chicago have Tekton Pendragons that I may hear? I was hoping Eric would come to Chicago Axpona , but he said he was done with trade shows. Could anyone help?
Good luck with your audition. They really are very good speakers.

I have the Pendragon's in a dedicated Home Theater.A Chicago Audio society member drop me an e-mail for an audition.
Aolprodj, can you compare your sense of differences between the Pendragons and you Mag 3.7? I realize one is in a music system while the other is your home theater speaker, but you surely hear music on the Pendragons too so your general impressions would be appreciated.
When not doing HT duty I have a set up with a Oppo 95 cd player,Hydra Shunyata Research power conditioner,Primaluna Dialogue Two Integrated Amp and Analysis Plus Black Oval speaker cables.If you read the review of the Pendragon's in Steromojo it sums up the way I feel except I would give them a absolute 10.I have heard systems that cost thousands more that they can go toe to toe with,in HT and two channel stereo.
Are they as good as the Magneplanar 3.7 in ultimate resolution no but if you like all types of music,Jazz,Rock,Classical etc.I can't think of a better speaker at any where near there price range.