HELP Audiophiles!!!!

Hi all, I am a novice when it comes to hooking up audio equipment. Here is my dilemma. I just purcahsed a pair on Martin Logan Requests that I want to use only for listening to music(stereo)I currnetly have it wired to my Onkyo DS939 receiver using the pre-out connectors on the DS939. I also have Mission speakers connected to the DS939 for home theater. When I try to play home theater, the Martin Logans come on instead of the Missions. Is there a way to connect the amp to the Onkyo DS 939 without this happening?? Or, do I need to get a seperate pre-amp? I will eventually purchase a seperate amp/pre-amp combo, but in the short term want to know if this can be done. Any suggestions for this re-wire, OR, amp pre-amps combos for the power hungry ML'S? ANY input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Glenn
Try the Aragon 8008 power amp along with a 24k Pre-amp.
Maybe I am missing something, but it sounds as if you have no amplification for the MLs, they are hooked to the pre-amp outs. You would need to run the pre-out signal to a seperate power amp to drive the MLs. Then, if the Missions were not live, you could here stereo thru the MLs. If the receiver has a way of switching speakers off, you could swithc them out. Or, if it has an A & B speaker switch,you could put the Missions on A and MLs on B and switch on which one you want. However, be aware that ML speakers are notoriously hard to drive and the receiver may not be up to the task. You probably need to take special care to not have both speakers live at the same time if driven from the receiver, could cause amp section damage.
Oops, cancel that, I read your post incorrectly. Maybe when you take a signal out of the pre-amp out jacks, it cuts out the amp section completely. This is the case where there are jumpers between the two sections, and you pull them to take a pre-amp signal out. Don't know about that receiver and its pre amp out stage.
Hi, I have the Onkyo 939 and it has 2 speakers connections; A + B why not use them and switch between them?