Help- audiophile husband just dies

Help- audiophile husband just died 

Can anyone recommend a person in the Philadelphia area to come look at my deceased husbands audio collection. Tune amps, headphones, gold cables ... I need to sell and want decent advice. Please email [email protected]
I don’t really know how to use this forum so email best if ya have any advice. Thank you! Julie


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There is another consideration here. What this lady may want is just a few options of what to do with this equipment. She just lost her husband. She may want to simply know what it’s worth and move it out in one fell swoop. I helped a lady who one time in the past to sell they a large collection of her husband‘s 78 RPMs. She didn’t want the nightmare of trying to sell everything individually. Imagine the nightmare of her trying to sell each piece individually. All she really asked for was the value of the equipment. That could include the original price, the present retail and the average selling price individually. Money may or may not be her top priority. It is very nice to see so many Good Samaritans offer her advice. We don’t however want to give her a giant headache by encouraging her to take on a project she isn’t prepared to handle.