Help- audiophile husband just dies

Help- audiophile husband just died 

Can anyone recommend a person in the Philadelphia area to come look at my deceased husbands audio collection. Tune amps, headphones, gold cables ... I need to sell and want decent advice. Please email [email protected]
I don’t really know how to use this forum so email best if ya have any advice. Thank you! Julie


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02-11-2020 4:35pm
@julierae100  Sorry for your loss. If we can help in anyway, send me an email to [email protected], attention: Tammy

Hello @julirae100

Condolences for your unexpected loss.

My best advice is to NOT sell to ANY dealer.
Contact the Admin above who posted earlier and I am sure that they can assist you in auctioning your late husband's gear on Audiogon.

Best wishes...