HELP Audio Alchemy DTI Pro 32

All right -- it's years later and here I am again. I have managed to misplace my users manual for the AA DTI Pro 32. That means I cannot set the dither (there are LEDs on the front to tell you where you are set) and thus have no clue as to when I have the settings right for HDCD or 24 bit or 20 bit etc.
Anyone out there who can share the info -- I would greatly appreciate it.
LED settings are as follows:
HDCD 16 18 20 22 24 None
off off off off on on on
off off on on off off on
off on off on off on off

I have all the original manuals.

I know this is late but did you get what you needed? I've got scans of the manual.
Do you still have the scans of the Audio Alchemy DTI Pro 32 manual? Also do yo have the manual for the DDE 3.0? Would appreciate any help you could provide.

I have the manual for the DDEv3 if still needed by anyone.Also the DDS pro transport manual. I can scan you a copy and email it. I seem to have lost my copy of the DTI pro32 manual after moving house last year so if anyone has a copy they can email I'd be grateful too. I'll set up another thread but if anyone knows where I can buy i2s bus cables or suitable plugs so I can make my own please let me know.
I need copies of those. Can I buy them from you?

Full schematic here: