Help Audio Alchemy Blues

I have an audio alchemy DDE V3.0 in need of repair, can anyone tell me who to contact or where to send the unit to be repaired? Thanks in advance Jim
The person who you want to contact is Dusty Vawter He was AA's main technician and is repairing and upgrading all of their gear. Contact him at: Dusty Vawter Channel Islands Audio 567 W. Channel Islands Blvd. PMB #300 Port Hueneme, CA 93041 (805) 382-9398
Thanks Rick
Dusty Vawter is the best person to contact for this: 805.382.9398
hello i have some products from AA i want upgrade, in france where i leave, it s very difficult to find (with european standart voltage 230v) power supply, Chanel island can help me ? i wanted somebody who can work in the 1.0 and 1.1 DAC to be sure they 'll sound better : is it possible, (like MSB product ) thanks
Number is invalid for Dusty, according to the woman who answered...
Does any one have a web address for Dusty Vawter? I have a Audio Alchemy DDS Pro that needs some attention.
Dusty is now "Channel Islands Audio" and I don't think he is repairing AA gear any longer but may be able to point you in the right direction...

Best, Barry