Help! Are Canton Speakers Solid or Garbage

I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of German Canton CT 1020 DC tower speakers, but I know nothing about this brand, let alone the model number.  Does anyone have any experience with this brand/line?  I currently have two pairs of Martin Logan panel speakers/McIntosh amp/pre and am not expecting these to really compare with them, but am looking for a nice third pair of speakers to go with Marantz separates.
Canton speakers are not garbage. According to the Orion Audio Bluebook the CT-1020 speakers where made from 2001-2002, have (2) 9" woofers - 7" mid. - 1" tweeter and had a retail price of $2,000.00 a pair. I think they would go well with the Marantz gear.
One man's trash is another man's treasure... I have some of Canton's monitors in my bedroom system and they are quite nice with lots of detail and a surprising amount of bass for their size.  I have the Vento Reference 9.2 DC speakers.  Accessories4less carries a number of Canton speakers including some floorstanders.  They are made in Germany and from what I've read very popular in Europe, but there isn't much distribution in the US.