Help! Apogee Centaur Major or Quad 998?

Hello all

I am in the final phase of selecting speakers for my budget system. Tough choice!
My music style is voice, instrumental/classical and oldies, Not too loud listening.

I appreciate your feedback on the speakers and the equipments.

1. Apogee speaker and Marsh 400s and 2000 preamp (seller's setup).
2. Quad 998 and Quad mono and preamp (cost little more but they are newer equipments so I have more time to enjoy rather than sending them for repair if it breakdown)

Thanks for your feedback.

It really depends upon the condition of each pair of speakers; if the 998's have been treated well, w/o any arcing or flapping noise and can still produce a reasonable amount of output (in stock form they won't play LOUD), you may be able to get some years of use without repairs. The panels, however, will need to be rebuilt at some point. With the Centaur Majors, if the ribbons don't show any signs of rippling along the edges, and do not make uniform buzzing or rattling sounds, they may be a slightly better risk, but again, it all depends upon their condition and hours of use; the ribbon elements will eventually need to be repaired with them, also. I have read some decent user accounts of Marsh electronics, however, I would check to see if they can still be repaired easily. The Quad electronics are generally pretty durable, and can be repaired fairly easily, however, capacitors continue to age even if the units haven't been played; it is kind of a toss up with the amps and pre-amps in this case, in my opinion. With the speakers, both will need a few feet of open space behind them, especially, and will sound best in a medium or slightly larger-sized room. Hopefully this will help.

 I would not choose either of these two speakers at this point. They are just too old. Getting either fixed would be very difficult. If I had to choose an old planar type speaker, It would be a Martin Logan SL3. Getting parts would be much easier if there is a problem. The SL3 is also an excellent sounding speaker especially for what you can buy a pair for.

 I owned  Apogee Centaur Major back in the early 1990's and they were nice speakers. The Slant 6 I thought were a bit better and played louder. The SL3s I owned later were better sounding than both. I might also consider a pair of older Magnepan speakers.

Thanks all for the helpful inputs.
I listened to Martin Logans and liked them as well.

There are a pair of SL3 on  the Gon for a good price and too bad I can not have an audition. The new panel 988 pairs are very tempting.

You had better go or the quads, although the Apogee Centaur majors are phenomenal speaker they sound best with hybrid/ valve amps, they do not play well at low volumes but need to be played quite hard and loud. They also need to be bi wired for best effects and certainly will alienate you from your neighbours
  Interesting choice. I have owned Apogees of different models since 1987, including the Full Range, the Diva, and the Duetta II's. Apogees are very power hungry and can present real and very expensive problems with ribbon failures. I now have a pair of Duetta II's that were totally refurbished in 2008. What about Martin Logan's? I just bought a pair of new ML Summit X's on  this site and am very happy with them