Help -- Anybody owns Krell HTS1?

I just got my Krell HTS from Harvery online. I am not sure if it's broken or it's just me.
First problem I notice is that I cannot see On-Screen-Display on TV. I am sure I hooked it up right.
Second, only some buttons on remote control is working. For example only HTS, TAPE, BAL, CNTR, REAR, SUB and VOLUME.
Other buttons like CD, DVD, and ZONE2 etc don't do anything when pressed unless I press is directly from the unit. The remote batteries are new.
I am not sure if the unit is broken or it's because I have not set it up correctly. But how can I? I can't even see the OSD. I asked Harvey about this, but they're pretty silenced so far. Please help.
A few weeks ago I picked this same processor. I also have experienced similar problems as you. Initially I was only able to see the menu using the s-video output which was not what I wanted. Reading your topic inspired me to figure out how to use the composite output for my on screen menu.

Resetting the unit to its factory settings was the first thing I did (press power button and recall button at the same time). Then as the manual describes on page 4, I selected the initial video signal and video format. It worked! I now have a on screen display using my composite output. That was until I selected a source that I did not set up initially like tuner. I went through and set up all my unused sources video inputs as composite 1 so the OSD does not disappear if I accidentally select the wrong source. Not sure if that was the thing to do but it is working so far. I hope this helps.

I have had no remote control problems until the other night while watching a DTS encoded movie for the first time. The remote started working intermittently. It has not happened since and is now working fine. Wierd.
Thanks. That helps me a lot, but I still can't figure out the remote problem. Do you have to program certain button (for example CD button) in order for the unit to respond to it (CD key being pressed on remote)? I don't really get this Krell thing. Thanks again.
So much for "user friendly"...
I think your problem with remote may be because you have not programed your inputs, for instance, look were you have your cd connected on rear, for digital possibly coax 1, and analog whitchever connection you are using for analog, go to your device configuration on your on screen menu and make sure you have the same input that you have connected on rear to the same input that you can select on the menue, I have a hunch that this is your problem, the krell can be a little confusing at first but once you get the hang of it , it is pretty simple, remember, if you screw up, you can always reset factory defaults, I owned the hts 1, it is a great sounding prepro, I now owm the hts 7.1, good luck