Help Any Krell KRC Owners - Problem

Hi guys

Just to ask your opinion on what could be wrong. I went on vacation for about 2 weeks or so lately and as a result had turned off and unplugged my system from the AC mains. When I returned I powered it up again the Krell KRC did the requisite resetting of the volume control from full to zero. Thereafter, I left it on standby without playing anything at all. I went out for about 30 mins. but upon returning found that the light on the power supply and the pilot light on the preamp were off. I turned the AC mains off again and could not contact anyone as it is the weekend. Am kind of afraid to turn it on again as it may cause things to blow. This has happened once before and the power supply was serviced by Krell at the factory just about 1 year or so ago. All the other equipment on the same power strip are fine.

Any ideas appreciated please.


Check the fuse first.
Hi Rwwear

Thansk for your reply. The fuse is not in a glass tube so I cannot see if it is blown. I do not have a multimeter so I will need to borrow one to test. The last time it happened, I replaced the fuse and upon powering up again, there was smoke from the power supply. From your experience, does the fact that the fuse went off - if that is the case - mean that something is wrong internally?

After the repair, they seem to have replaced it with a different type of fuse. The local agents the last time told me to replace it with a fast blow fuse but the current fuse is slo blo and says 1-1/4 a which I presume is a 4 amp slow blow fuse.

I would use the type of fuse that Krell recommends. The fuse could have blown because of a power surge. I would contact Patrick at Krell and ask his advice.