Help:Anti skate on Tonearm with no anti-skate

Hi Guys

I am having trouble with my right channel having distortion/mistracking. When i place my cartridge on a Cardas Test disk it shoots towards the center very quickly instead of very slowing. This points to a lack of antiskate on the outside of the tonearm(Right Channel).

The tone arm i am using is a 1990's Ortofon RMG309i Tonearm which has not antiskate settings. In the instruction manual it states it has built in antiskate bias.

My question is how do i increase the antiskate because i have a feeling this is the cause of the distortion/mistracking on the right channel.I have checked the VTA, VTF and Azimuth and they all sound correct. My Cartridge is a Shindo Ortofon SPU.

Any help would be great.


If the table has adjustable feet,you can try raising or lowering the table on one side. If the feet are not adjustable you can place something under them like a felt pad.
The Shindo SPU is a good match to the arm and the high tracking force, combined with the length of the arm should assure good tracking on of music recorded on vinyl.

So, a few questions. What tracking force are you using and how are you measuring that it is correct? Are you determining that the right channel is mistracking with test records or with music? Is your tonearm mount level? Is the stylus very clean? It is normal when using minimal anti-skate for the right channel to distort first on test recordings. One, rather inelegant, way to address the issue is to tilt the turntable slightly, but this should not be necessary at all with your setup. Revisit tracking force.

One, rather inelegant, way to deal with this is to tilt the turntable slightly.
I don't think the OP was suggesting the mis-track is only occurring on test discs.(?)

The fact that the arm skips towards the centre suggests that incorrect platter level could actually be part of the problem(???)

Worth re-checking it and fine tuning for a perfectly level surface then re-assess with normal discs.
also check all the wires bellow and possibly inside the tonearm...the bearing must also be in perfect centre from each good is the rubber "dumper" between the weight and arm tube?
Thanks for all your advice. It seems to be a VTA problem. I am using a outrigger armboard, which unfortunately means my tonearm is higher than if it is flat mounted. I am getting a new armboard which allows me to drop the tonearm more to allow the bottom of my Spu to be parallel to the record.

I will post results later this week when new armboard arrives.
This is not antiskating issue, yes.

I have Schick toneam (without antiskating) and once i've bought SPU Spirit cartridge. The sound was just amazing, but i've noticed some miss tracking on severl LPs. My spare SPU Classic tracked same records very well without any problems. I have returned SPU Spirit back to Japan and i'm sure it was NEW, but factory deffected cartridge.