Help. Another Preamp Suggestion Question

Bought a vintage Denon POA-1500 to drive equally vintage Polk SDA 1bs and was/is considering a Rotel 1090 Pre Amp. But I've been in the Gon looking at used pre-amps and have been thinking about alternatives. In general, what are your thoughts in the $800 range. In particular the Bryston BP 20 or 25? But I've read that these often do not match well with non-Bryston equipment. Anyway I'd appreciate your insights and recommendations as I narrow my search. Dave
Dave, I used to be a Polk dealer when I owned a store many years ago. If memory serves me, these speakers are a bit on the bright side. A tube preamp should give you some great sound and we used to demo them with a conrad-johnson. Lots of options available in the $800 range.
Don't break your bank on preamp for your setup dude,
you can get vintage Nikko Beta one for bellow $100 on ebay and this thing will do just the right job for your needs. As far as I remember it even has a phono. To my knowlege of this brand it has an undisputed reliability and excellent performance even to the high-definition standards.
OK, and thanks for the advice. DAve