HELP Amp for Revel M20?

So, I just got my M20s and have realized the old amp I have will not cut it. What do you think? I will spend up to around $2000. However, I would really enjoy paying less!

Please HELP! My new speakers are sitting... waiting.

oh by the way I listen to everything from rock to jazz... to indy stuff.

At 87db per watt meter at 6 ohms nominal the little guys are juice hungry. I couldn't find Revels recommended horspower but I would gather ebven in a smallish room that you will need 100 high current watts . Since it has all metal drivers, I would imagine you want warm watts.
See if Oddysey's top all Class A amps fit your budget.
CJ are as rule quite toasty sounding,
A Mac might be too hard smack down SS and too much money but they do work great with my squealing Old Klipsch LasScalas.
An older SS ARC amp is a good choice if refurbed.Not the digital SS they use now.
As for tubes you'll need to spend more for that kind of current.
Mark Levinson monoblocks are about what you need. Tons of clean tight power. On a budget, find something with at least 300 wpc. I love Mac but think it's too soft for these.
Congrats on the M20s, fantastic speakers at used prices. I used a Bel Canto eVo2i to drive my M20s with excellent results.
Depending on the size of your room and listening levels either the ATI AT2002 or AT3002. The Parasound A21 would be another good choice.

The M20 is not a good match for a tube amp.
hi I owned the m20s for years, i used a threshold amp with great results. also pass labs aleph 5 sounds great, so did cj tube amps and rogue audio m150 mono blocks. oh yeah, so did classe amps, all can be had for great prices, good luck, chrissain
Good speaker. Integrated or power amp? Either way, yes, bring on the power. Lots of it. Tubes? Maybe not. Hybrids OK.


Vincent Audio SV-236 MkII
Cambridge Audio Azur 840A v2
Musical Fidelity A5 (used - can verify a good combination)

Bel Canto e.One S300
Odyssey Stratos Extreme
NAD C-275BEE (bargain)
I'll second Bob-reynolds recommendation of Parasound Halo A21. 250w/c in 8ohms,400w/c in 4ohms. You can get it used
for around $1300.
First I want to thank everyone for being so helpful!

How much power do these need?! Like, what would be ideal? If you could pair any amp with them what would it be?

I see some Pass Aleph 0 and McCormack on audiogon. How would they work? How good are parasound and Bel Canto?

I am big on quality. I am really looking for something that will make a vinyl "Dark Side of the Moon" sing (on a VPI scout)! Wide open sound... I like it loud, too. My local place has a Musical Fidelity A3.2cr. I am going to test it out for a few days. I don't think it is going to do it... but it's worth a shot while waiting.

THANKS to everyone!!!
JA in his Stereophile measurments suggested a good 4 ohm amp. Any clean 200 W into 8 ohms (300 W into 4 ohms) solid state amp will do fine. The M20 can not make clean bass, so you should seriously consider high passing them and let a subwoofer handle the bass. This will lighten the load on the amp as well as the speaker.

As expected, distortion increases quickly below 80 Hz.

Damn, its listening window down to 100 Hz is a thing of beauty.

Good advice. I notice an amp with high dampening factor reduces the perceived wooliness in the bass considerably with these speakers. High passing them with sub could be very good solution.
I used Classe CAP-151 and Krell 300IL with M20. They both are integrated amps, and they worked really well. Classe sound is somewhat warmer, and Krell sound is somewhat leaner, as you might expect. The bass from M20 is very good. It's better defined and taut than some of tower speakers, like B&W N804 that I also used to own.
what does everyone think of a musical fidelity a3.2cr?
Is that a power amp or integrated? If it's an integrated, it probably does not provide main amp in jacks so there will be no way to high pass the M20. I think that's a limitation you should avoid. NAD makes integrated amps with both preamp out and main amp in jacks.

What's your budget?
It is a amp. I am using a denon receiver as a pre (until I get a preamp). Have you heard this speakers with any amps you loved? I am basically looking for someone to recommend an amp to buy. I am new to the audio game and don't know all the manufacturers.

You have been very helpful. Thank you so much.

I think any solid state amp from a reputable manufacturer with ample power will be fine. I would not sweat this decision; just make sure you buy enough watts. Manufacturers that I can recommend from personal experience are Bryston, ATI, Parasound, Rotel, NAD and Pass Labs. Musical Fidelity has a good reputation; I owned one of their headphone amps many years ago.

For the money, I don't think anyone comes close to ATI. Though they have finally raised their prices recently.

I would not be too quick to dump the Denon receiver for an analog 2-channel preamp. The Denon will do bass management, level matching, timing delays and depending on the model room mode correction. This makes adding a sub and high passing the M20s a piece of cake. At some point you might swamp the Denon receiver for an AV pre/pro.

Best of luck.
I used the M20's with a Classe CAP-150 (the same model as the CAP-151 but with a different faceplate) and I always had the volume knob barely turned. The power output vs what was necessary was overkill. If you want to semi-futureproof yourself, definitely take a look at the Parasound's.