Help Alien spores on my vinyl...

I've noticed that some of my records have begun to sprout this stuff that looks like white spots--generally more prominent around the label, but spreading out from there at decreasing intervals as you move towards the edge of the record. It's not actually white but when you hold the record at an angle that's how it looks against the black of the grooves. It causes audible distortion and vacuum cleaning with RRL Deep Cleaner and Record Wash does nothing to it. Aargh! Anybody know what this stuff is, what causes it, and for the love of God, how I get rid of it? HELP!


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I haven't a clue but having said that I found one situation when I clustered my clothes to close together in the closet that it caused mildew and mold to form. This in northern california an hour's north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I am not saying your records are that close but it is the best I could come up with. Good luck
Alien spores huh? Maybe a laser gun is the amswer.
Try Audio Intelligent solutions(available on Audiogon). It is enzyme based, and I have found it removed mould when RRL had no effect,


It's probably mold and this is not uncommon for vinyl if not stored properly. Humidity in the cardboard jacket and a nice dark possibly warm from you tube amps--well just a perfect environment to grow mold. Many cleaning fluids have an anti-mold agent in them. I think the deep clean disc doctor does and many goners recommend this. I make my own cleaning fluid (tisk tisk--the shame the shame), and I do use a very small amount of anti-mold agent.

A good professional cleaner like the VPI 16.5 and a fluid with anti-mold agents should take care of it.
Thanks for the responses. I will try the Audio Intelligent enzymatic stuff. I've tried scratching at it with a fingernail in the leadout area and it won't come off. Get off my records, vile scum! Grrr...
I'd suggest Buggtussel Vinyl-Zyme. In our experience it works as well as AIVS, rinses easier and leaves less (no) residue.
As Dougdfeacon suggests Buggtussell was something Fremmer said he had gotten feedback on that works best on mold spores.And while you may be able to remove mold the spore stanins may not be able to be removed.
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I checked out the Buggtussel page and it looks like the Vinyl-Zyme extra strength formula may be what I'm looking for. I'll try it out and post results if anyone is interested in hearing...

If you try AIVS, VinylZyme or any enzyme cleaner (and you should) make sure to:

a) use it at warm room temperature
b) let it sit on the record for a couple of minutes
c) use enough so it doesn't dry out while sitting

I get better results that way than with the 15-30 seconds recommended by Buggtussel, especially on records which really need the help.

Good luck!