Help/Advice Choosing SS integrated

I'm looking to find a solid state integrated to mate with my LSA Design Signature standmounts- (ribbon tweeter, 6 1/2" driver).
I have been looking at at Creek Destiny, Naim XS, Vincent MK 236-MKll, and Primaire 130. I favor a bit more "forward" sound, with detail/flesh, but not dry. My listening is eclectic, jazz, classical piano, Beatles, etc. (no head-banger stuff!).
Any advice from you would be very helpful.
Thanks, Conrad
I toss some of the well reviewed Musical Fidelity integrateds into the pot of makes to look at as well.
Mapman's right, MF stuff seems to be well regarded and well reviewed. From my perspective, I've heard the NAD M3 and the McIntosh MA6500 against each other on some Sonus Faber speakers, and the Mac won hands down: more forward, more alive, more involving. The NAD wasn't bad, but was laid back and uninvolving to me. Assuming your budget is around 2-3k, you can get a used Mac6500. Others that are well regarded (but can't speak to system or spkr matching) and reasonably priced (incl used) are Plinius 9100,9200, Krell 300xi and 400xi, BelCanto S300iu. Not sure I got all the names/numbers exact, but close enough.
One important thing to consider is the speakers you are driving.

Some integrateds, including some Mc models out there, do not deliver high current compared to separates as is needed for balanced sound with speakers where impedance varies significantly at various frequencies. This is not uncommon with many dynamic speaker designs.

You want an amp (integrated or otherwise) that largely doubles power output into 4 and even 2 ohms for many dynamic design speakers out there.

Several Musical Fidelity integrateds do very well at their price point in this regard, which is why I recommended them. I suspect same true of the Krells, Plinius, and Bel Cantos as well, but be sure before buying if this applies to your speakers.
If Accuphase or Luxman fits your budget should also give them a run. Good resolution, palpable midrange and are anything but dry. Great reputation and excellent built quality to boot.
Have you looked at the Ayre AX-7e Integrated amp? see
I've owned both the Jungson JA88C and JA88D, and their sound matches your description. They are competitive with most of the integrateds mentioned above, and are a fraction of the cost ($400-$800). Only downside is size and heat (JA88D). If your speakers are not too difficult to drive, the Auranote 'all-in-one' also fits your description. I am happy with the Auranote driving a pair of Duevel Planets.
Thank you all for your thoughts - some very good leads here, which I will persue.
Has anyone seen the April's Issue of Stereophile about the Vincent Audio Tubeline sv-236mk The reviewer, Michael Fremer said..."Go head and compare it against any integrated or combo pre-amp and amp.. AT ANY PRICE"! Call this number for more 1-866-984-0677
The new Linn Majik is an oft over-looked amplifier. It fits your needs based on the description above.

YBA 201..awesome and pretty to look at as well