Help a recovering audiophile build a system

Hello there! I have been out of this hobby (sickness) for about 2 years now. In 2008 I sold my entire system (look up Beauty and the Beasts) and decided to take a little breather. I am now ready to get back into this hobby, determined this time to stay focused on enjoying the music and not spend a ridiculous amount of money (no more than $4K per component).

My system now consists of a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona monitors and a huge digital music library. I am looking for advice on the following:

Integrated Amp
CD transport (instead of a DAC a CDP that has digital inputs would be nice)

My goals are clarity, dynamics, and speed with just a touch of sweetness.

Thank you in advance for your help!
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Stay away, don't do it, don't get dragged back in....

Hey, if you need a fix though, I've got cables, good cables, cheap.... Change your life man.
Impossible. You will be posting beauty and the beasts squared by springtime-- Lol. You could try a pass int 150 with ps audio dac3. Or for less how about naim nait integrated?
I will not be your 'enabler'. I have enough problems of my own.
hey, you could buy my whole system.

then I would have to buy a new one.

If I was buying new I would look at the Krell S 300i, which you can get for $2000. Used opens a wide field, Blue Circle isn't famous but I like their products. CJ 2000 looks good, I saw one on here for $3200 the other day. I like the Naim DAC, there was one on here used last week for $2000 OBO. I offered $1750 but was outbid [don't tell my wife!] I would look for products that have a rep of being musical rather than analytic, a lot of high end products sound too bright to me. I was going to get a pair of Cremonas but got a very good deal on another European speaker instead. Happy hunting. Stan
I'd suggest a Squeezebox Touch for the transport.

I use a Cambridge Audio 840C as a CDP/DAC, which I do like very much for the DAC, but you might consider going CDPless as it only takes a few minutes to rip a CD and rescan the music collection. That would give you a lot more choices for a DAC.

For the rest, I'm sort of in between gear myself, or maybe just getting restless.
I would start with ipod touch and Grado headphones and see how much I really want to go into that repetition.
Thanks for the response everyone!

Dpac996, the Pass Int is on my list as well as the Ayre. As for dacs, I am looking at the Ayre and Esoteric. These are all brands I have had in my system at one point. Of course I am open to others.

Daverz, I currently have a Sonos system that will act as the transport for my digital library. Thought the SB is nice, I have so many zones of music that the Sonos makes the most sense.

Inna, my brother suggested the same thing. I must admit headphones intrigue but I am afraid that is yet another rabbit hole that could easily suck my time, resources, and money.
Thank you. Well, ipod is, let's say, $400 and Grado $300-$650. Not a pocket change but not too much. And you could easily sell the Grado and give your ipod to your brother.
Whatever you decide - good luck.