Help a newbie determine the resale value of equipment

I'm wondering what is the resale value of the following items (mint condition): 
Soulution 760 DAC
Soulution 720
Kharma Exquisite Reference-1D
Simon Yorke Series 10 turntable with S7.1 tonearm
DCS Scarlatti

These belonged to my father who passed away in 2018 and all the equipment was subsequently handed over to a local seller that year. I'm looking for secondary input as I have no knowledge of the hi-fi market.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Thanks so much! This is the only website I knew my dad used and I’m really clueless otherwise.
I would keep the items and use it yourself.  Your father had excellent taste and I am sure he would be smiling down at you every time you used it. 
On this very site, click on "Insider."  There is an offer for a subscription that costs $10 a month.  That subscription gives you access to the Audiogon "Blue Book."  This is one of the most authoritative source of information on used gear value.

The gear you are trying to sell is top notch stuff.  If you have any interest in a good sound system, you should keep it; it would be quite hard to assemble a similar system for anything short of a small fortune.
@axh97012  Contact me at  Attention:  Tammy
and I can give you a 25% coupon to use for the first 3 months of the Bluebook/Insider.