Help a complete novice get a dvd player for 500.

While I have what I think is a very good 2 channel audio I know nothing about video. I want to get a dvd player for 500 or less, preferably new because of mechanical issues. I have looked at some of the threads but confess I don't undertand the various aspects eg progressive scan. It is for movies for the kids and us and in a few years I will put in a decent ht. Any advice re makes, models and features would be greatly appreciated.
Get yourself a pioneer elite dv09. Selling for 500 used. Can get it pretty cheap new too. Very robust player; all the features
If you check at harmonicdiscord in the modwright forum, you will see people seem to like the new Pioneer Elite DV-45A universal player (CD, DVD, SACD, DVD-A, and mp3, I think,) which goes online for around 420.00 to 480.00.

For 500.00 you will get progressive scan, so you sort of don't have to worry about it.

The only other consideration might be, since your HT is a few years ago, to get a sub 200.00 DVD player until then. Technology will advance. At this price, you could get a decent Pioneer without SACD, or a Sony with SACD that some people say would not have as good a construction quality as an equivalent Pioneer.
let me get another plug in for the Pioneer Elite DV-45A...i got it two weeks ago and for $450 you can't go wrong...excellent features, beautiful image quality plus progressive scanning, DVD-Audio and SACD...
Thanks to everyone for your input. Greatly appreciated