help a brother out?

first let me say that i am not given to asking for favors. that being the case, i am not near any analog dealers of note, and will be without my tonearm cable for a period of time as mr. bob crump has offered to burn it in for me so as to improve it's sonic characteristics. call me a vinyl addict (and my wife would agree), but i hate the idea of going without analog for any period of time. if anyone has a spare "cheapie" din-->rca tonearm cable gathering dust that they could loan me temporarily (i would estimate about two weeks), i'd gladly compensate them for it. my feedback on the site reflects my integrity. i hope this posting does not violate any rules of the site. TIA, -john
just wanted to say thanks(!) for the surprisingly fast and generous responses by several members.
Hey Brother,
Just saw this post and just curious- are you being sarcastic, or did a bro help you out? i would have, but I'm not exactly certain as to what it is you needed. I use simple RCAs for my table.
Hope aren't still Jonzing for the vinyl.
yes, three years and four months later i can proudly say that a fellow audiogoner did indeed help me out. that tonearm cable (and that wife :-) are since history, but the vinyl remains (and spins as i type)! a little mono "blonde on blonde" anyone?
Looks like Dylan helped a brother out- "I'm gonna let you pass..."